Saturday, June 26, 2010

Celebrating Our First Anniversary!

Hard to believe but it was one year ago that we officially opened for business. Our business has been very good so far and we've met or exceeded most of our goals! Thanks to the great new friends who've somehow managed to find us off the beaten path here in Simi Valley, it looks like we'll be able to stay in business for quite sometime to come. In celebration of our first year of business, we are giving everyone who mentions this post on our blog a free paperback novel of their choice. So, when stop by to see don't forget to mention this blog posting!

Thank you for your great support!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to Oddfellow's Books.

Welcome Friends and soon-to-be acquaintances to the Oddfellow's Book Shoppe blogsite. We are in the midst of creating the most curious previously enjoyed book store in the Los Angeles area. In the coming months, you'll see us newly located in the Simi Valley area. We've found a nice space and are making arrangements to acquire a lease.

Who is Oddfellow?

Oddfellow is a spirit born of enlightenment whose story resides in late 1800's through late 1900's time period. We won't divulge much about his personna or character at this time but let's just say he's the curious vision who greases the pump of creation. When you come to the store, you find his essence everywhere. Soon, you'll be asking yourself if you too are an Oddfellow.

Oddfellow's... a bookstore?

Yes, Oddfellow was an overly curious chap who spent his years searching for the possibilities. In his time, he developed a vast and extensive library. Oddfellow believed in the sharing of discovery and knowledge. A bookstore was the natural endeavour of his world travels in pursuit of quenching his curiosity.

Are you of the curious sort?

What are you passionate about? Join our e-mail list. We'll send you a special invitation to our grand opening and help you discover your own personal Oddfellow.